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Yard Tour - Northern Virginia Auto Recycling

FULL SERV – “These are vehicles that are available at our facility for parts, however they are NOT located on the Pick N Save lot and must be handled by NVAR employees only.”

PROCESS – “These vehicles have arrived at our facility but have yet to go through the intake process.  Parts from these vehicles must be handled by NVAR employees only.  They are scheduled to be moved to the Pick N Save lot.”

U PULL – “These vehicles have gone through our intake process and are now available for parts on our Pick N Save lot but have not yet been assigned a specific row.”

UB15-3 (Example) – “Vehicles with this or a similar designation have been assigned a specific row.  Please refer to the yard map.”

HOLD – “These vehicles are located at our facility but are NOT available for parts at this time.  Vehicles are placed on HOLD for various reasons.”

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